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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris

Located at the western tip of the island, a distance of reclaiming 35 km from the dock Sodong. To reach this beach through the strait flow Nusakambangan - Klaces ly through the village of Kampung Laut subdistrict.All the way through the fourth LP which still serves the LP Stone, Iron, Kembang Kuning and Permisan well past the Kampung Laut subdistrict in Klaces with views of the mangrove forests on both sides of river and mountain views and Indralaya straits.Beach Ranch Babakan pertained unspoilt beaches because not many tourists who visit this beach, because it's the path that led to the beach is not adequate.Accessibility:From the port of Cilacap Seleko compreng boat ride - down the path strait Nusakambangan - ly - through the village of Klaces Kec. Kampung Laut - continues to Plawangan - Down on the beach near Plawangan - continued walking down the street toward the location of a mouse.
Service information:Department of Culture and Tourism District. Cilacap
Jl. A. Yani Telp. 0282-534481

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dion said...

i've been there!! it is a must place to visit! :)
nice wheather, nice people and nice view!