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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A. The story of the Kingdom Nusatembini
Historical stories about the Kingdom Nusatembini take the setting in the area around the island of Nusakambangan. Nusatembini told as a big Demon Kingdom. Kingdom has an area around the coast of Cilacap to reclaiming the island. Keraaan has a natural fortress in the form of up to seven layers of bamboo tanamana (Baluwarti Pring ori Pitung sap). Depictions of the natural fortress of the seven-layer bamboo fence can be interpreted to mean that the author's story to say that the defense was strong enough stretcher Nusatembini kingdom. It also showed that Ori Bamboo plant is a plant commonly used as a fence or security for the people of Cilacap against security threats.

Nusatembini kingdom led by a woman ruler (the king's daughter) named Brantarara flawless. The princess's beauty attracted the attention of the rulers of other kingdoms to cooperate until mempersuntingnya as empress. But in order to marry the princess is not easy, because it's so tight guard and defense. Many kings who merely failed to enter the royal palace area Nusatembini.

Stories about the existence of the ruler of this kingdom of the fair sex can actually be seen as a symbol of the equality of men and women in political rights. With regard to this view that in Javanese culture viewed women is lower compared with men has not been proven in the mind of the maker of natural history stories such Nusatembini Kingdom. In Cilacap cultures have values that assume that women also have the power to rule, even in the story beyond the ability of men.

The problem is when the real origin of this story Nusatembini kingdom come. Writers of history and the anniversary of Cilacap Cilacap Government version said that the Kingdom Nusatembini derived from prehistoric times. This was evidenced by the relics he said two ori bamboo grove which is a relic Nusatembini Kingdom castle. In 1970, relics believed to be relics from the prehistoric period is still there, located in Port dock complex sand iron, but at the center of this heritage has been lost.

In our opinion, the story of the Kingdom of Nusatembini did not take the Islamic era, but also not on the pre-history. Unknown prehistoric era concept of the kingdom, which existed only Interpares Primus, and generally the oldest male. The concept of the new kingdom appear on the entry of Hindu and Buddhist culture in Indonesia. Thus it can be interpreted to mean that the Kingdom's historical background is in fact Nusatembini the Hindus and Buddhists in the area of Cilacap.

Commentary that the background story of the Kingdom of Buddhist Hindu Nusatembini Nusatembini is supported by another story related to the kingdom. Cilacap folklore society tells us that in the west of the kingdom is the kingdom Galuh Pakuan Nusatembini Pajajaran. In recorded history, this kingdom is one of the most powerful Hindu kingdom in Tatar Sunda region. Therefore, contemporaneous with the Royal Kingdom of Nusatembini Galuh, it can be ascertained that the kingdom Nusatembini tentnag stories dating back to the development of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Kingdom Galuh Pakuan Pajajaran a great kingdom. Unlike Nusatembini, Pakuan Pajajaran ruler is a man who courageously. During his reign he tempted the Lord with outbreaks of disease affecting the development of its people. But its people have suffered greatly because many of those who have lost family members due ganasnya disease outbreaks. Pajajaran King was trying to find ways to solve the problems that overwhelmed the country. All efforts have been made to overcome the plague, but in vain. King Feeling sad to see the sufferings that befall people throughout the country, and increasingly sad again when his son and daughter are also attacked by the disease.

When the king was almost desperate to overcome disease outbreaks that hit the country, there came a priest (wiku). The pastor delivered his arrival meant to happen dialogue like the following quote:
Reverend: "Gusti Prabu my lord, forgive me this will all face the effrontery Gusti servant without a call and with all the generosity Gusti Prabu, we ask for forgiveness for all these mistakes."
King: "it's mouth is most happy when I saw the arrival wiku this because there is something troubling my mind is now as head of government in this Pajajaran Kingdom."
Reverend: "Lord King Gusti servant, servants understand what it was Gusti faced at this time because of the plague that struck the Pajajaran subjects. Until my lord also currently plague-stricken daughter's illness. "
King: "It is so wikut, that kerisauanku and my anxiety is still very tense. But what would the father wiku can provide solutions to overcome all of this? "
Reverend: "" Lord King Gusti servant, servant's arrival is intended to convey the "wisik" or the inspiration that I have received. Behold what is happening today in the Kingdom of Pajajaran and illness suffered by my lord my lord my lady, may still be cured with medicine so-called "Pegasus Tears." The drug can only be cultivated from the eastern part of this Pajajaran Kingdom. In the east where there is a keratorn called Nusatembini and that's where the drug will get the drug. But to reach that area and not have it easy, because the environment is very severe Nusatembini Palace. So should Gusti Lord King sent his servants in the palace servants Pajajaran selected to face the queen who led the palace of the princess.

Gusti Haturkanlah all purposes to invoke the so-called "Pegasus Tears" which became the queen's pet. When businesses get tears Pegasus is successful, then it will be a drug and tumbalnya (repellent) Kingdom Galuh Pajajaran from all sorts of dangers that would come.
King Pajajaran merspon positive suggestions from the wiku it. King was then prepare yourself untu kmenuju Nusatembini. Some people are under the duke who are considered capable of power Pajajaran assigned to the royal phantom sent the king into Nusatembini. High-ranking envoy falls on Patih Harya Tilandanu gobog assisted by the Duke and the Duke of Spring. They preferred to deploy soldiers on the move all obstacles can be overcome.

After preparation to leave for the Kingdom of Nusatembini completed, then the group of soldiers from the left for the royal Pajajaran invisible on the southern coast of Cilacap. Although derived from a choice of soldiers, en route to Nusatembini was not easy. They must pass a still ferocious nature of jungle and swamp that stretched wide. In natural circumstances such pre soldiers semnagat Pajajaran with burning toward the Kingdom in order to obtain the drug Nusatembini princess disease "Pegasus tears."

The soldiers are akirnya Pajajran envoys arrived in the area of Cilacap. When we reached the area they saw the kekeuatan Nusatembini yan surrounding the powerful kingdom. The soldiers tried to enter the royal palace was in many ways. But this time the effort failed because of the fort bamboos layered mengellingi meeting Nusatembini Kingdom parables like layered fence. Attempts to enter the court Nusatembini repeatedly tried, and it always fails.

Repeated failure to enter the palace does not make the soldiers Nusatembini Pajajaran despair. In the spirit of defending the King and the country they are always looking for ways to be able to enter the Palace Nusatembini. Gobong Duke, Duke Spring and Patih Harya Tilandanu other way beyond the war path. They meditated to gain inspiration and a way out in order to enter the Palace Nusatembini. After a few days they finally bersemedai supernatural guidance. In the instructions it said that the magic of bamboo that surrounded the fort will be destroyed Nusatembini Using gold bullet.
After getting inspiration these good soldiers sunda Pajajaran messenger is changing tactics in entering Nusatembini Palace. They made a golden bullet that came from gold coins to destroy the bamboo that surrounded the palace with the king of these women.

Making gold bullets made by a group of soldiers Pajajaran at a location not far from the Palace Nusatembini. They stopped in an area near the palace for days. In addition to producing gold bullets, they maneuver to attack. In areas where the preparation of this attack is known in folklore as an area of Cilacap Donan. One area where Andon (bersinggah).

Setelh carefully arranged plan of attack, then on the appointed day a group of soldiers to attack the Palace Pajajaran Nusatembini. The attack carried out by a tough soldier using gold bullets that have been prepared in advance. The bullets were fired and fell near or below the bamboo grove which shields Nusatembini Palace. The resident who saw the bullet Nusatembini golden bamboo trees fell under the bullets trying to take the high economic value at the time. To be able to take a bullet they have to cut down a bamboo tree is layered.

Pajajaran soldiers realized the meaning of the golden bullet apparently as a means of fishing population in the kingdom to open the isolated kingdom to cut down a bamboo tree which became the royal castle. Little by little finally Pvt Pajajaran increasingly able to move forward after can pass through bamboo groves ori are cleared by the local population. Pajajaran soldiers finally succeeded in entering the palace after successfully surpassed the seven-layer bamboo fence had been cut down people who drool at the golden bullet that fell under the bamboo tree.

Certia about the existence of the golden bullet this could be interpreted two matters relating to the historical facts behind the story. First, the concept of a firearm in the story indicates that the background story is at the end of the Kingdom Pajajaran agana towards the development of Islam in the archipelago, probably 15th century and the 16th. This can be explained because a firearm was introduced by the Portuguese and later Dutch in the early centuries. Second, the weaknesses of a country as powerful as any would be broken off with a fortune. Gold is a symbol of wealth that is worth the high ekoomi Nusatembini people have been teased so easily infiltrated by foreign troops.

The soldiers eventually entered Pajajaran Nusatembini Palace. They intend to capture the queen. But they have trouble, because the Queen gives the resistance. Seeing the danger, King Princess Nusatembini Pegasus was later increased to fly into space. With a loud voice of the princess entrants challenging the soldiers matter, while saying "Hi Pajajaran soldiers, show supernatural power and manhood, catch me. If you can catch me, I would submit, I submit to you Nusatembini Kingdom. "Seeing the queen's gallantry, pre soldiers Pajajaran be stunned and did not immediately take the fight.

In another part is narrated that Patih Harya Tilandanu Nusatembini into space in the palace. When you're exploring these spaces, he found a woman who snagat beautiful. According to local belief, the daughter of the stretcher is Brantarara Queen, King Princess Nusatembini. The Patih trying to approach these women, but not yet succeeded in approaching the woman disappeared from her eyes and turned into a "puppet gold" (gold doll). The Patih became exasperated and tried to hold the doll, but the thing about fame and body of the governor until the fall. The doll was issued a sparkling color that caused the governor suffered blindness. Given that event, the business delegation to get the tears Pajajaran KUD asembrani as a princess cure have failed. During his soldiers Pajajaran but also did not dare return home to Pajajaran with empty hands for fear of the threat of severe punishment due to their failure.

The soldiers later settled in the area Pajajaran Nusatembini, including Patih Harya Tilandanu. Even this Tilandanu Harya Patih died in Cilacap and was buried in Mount Batur. Cilacap Folklore says that his grave in the village Slarang, District Kesugihan, Cilacap. Duke gobog also be settled in the region Nusatembini residents. They died in the region and was buried in a place known as the tomb of Duke gobog. The location of the tomb south of Sudirman street, not far away with seleko market. Name gobog Duke had enshrined into a street, before they turn into Sudirman street. Meanwhile, Duke of Spring, his tomb in the village of Donan.

(Source: Books and Writing Assessment Traditional Ceremony in Cilacap District, by the Department of Education and Culture of Central Java province in 2006.)

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