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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nusakambangan Island is one of the southern coast of Cilacap Regency ly separated by the Strait that separates the mainland of Java.
Nusakambangan island prison island is also known that have a chilling impression that the impression that often sounded by those who have never come to visit the island of Nusakambangan.
This island does offer a lot of things. The longer the closer and see the creepy impression gradually vanished. a scary shadow on the prison population, as well as jungle which is still able to protect its animal wildlife-will slowly destroy the impression that impression changed creepy even awe and admiration beats endless.
Seramya hear the residents of the LP you do not have to worry because of the tourist sites with a very distant Correctional Institution. Of the nine fruit of the LP, including 5 LP Karanganyar Nirbaya, Coral middle, and Limusbuntu Gligir have not been used, but it is now a special prison built for open prison and drug and super-maximum security prison.
Since 1985 Correctional Institution live four LP that is in use among LP Iron, Stone LP, LP and LP Kembang Permisan yellow (Prison which was built between the years 1908 to 1950) that the average person has a capacity of 500 to 2000 people.
Reclaiming the island that extends east from west along approximately 36 km and the width between 4-6 KM, with total area is 210 km2 or 21 000 ha are saving mysteries and attractions such as caves, beaches, castles and the beauty of charcoal and cough natural panoramic beauty, forest nature reserves, and wilderness.

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