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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Various kinds of events can be made to utter gratitude to God Almighty, for all the favors and gifts received during his life. Sea alms ceremony is one embodiment of expressions of gratitude made by the Group of Fishermen Sidakaya, Donan, Sentolokawat, Tegalkatilayu, Lengkong, Pandanarang, PPSC and Kemiren.
The tradition of alms from the sea began to command Cilacap Regent III Tumenggung Tjakrawerdaya III ordered the elder fisherman named Ki Arsa Pandanarang melarung offerings Menawi to other fishermen along the south shore on Friday Kliwon months Shura in 1875 and since 1983 he was appointed as tourist attractions.
Sea alms ceremony before the day of execution was preceded by a procession or pilgrimage to nyekar Coral Beach Bandung (Majethi Island) east southeast of the island conducted by the chairman of reclaiming indigenous fishers Cilacap and followed the various groups of fishermen and the public to ask God Almighty to catch fish on abundant harvest of fish and the fishermen were given salvation. In addition to the ceremony also mengambl nyekar holy water / Majethi fortunate around the island which according to legend where it grew Wijayakusuma interest.
The ceremony is preceded by the procession carrying offerings (Jolen) for dilarung to sea turtles escape from the Gulf Coast of Cilacap in Cilacap Regency Hall heading toward the Gulf Coast Turtle procession, accompanied by the stumps and followed Jolen, Jolen Jolen other accompaniment by the participants of the procession which Fishermen dressed in traditional indigenous former Cilacap district. Arriving at the Turtle Bay Beach and then moved to the offerings of Fishermen who have boats decorated with colorful decorations for the waste of ocean in the region ketengah small island called Pulau Majethi.
In the evening the event continued with performances of traditional arts in each village by a group of concerned fishers.

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