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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coastal area stretching from the north (Ocean Fishing Port of Cilacap), south (Nusakambangan Island) with panoramic ocean waves big enough, the tankers in and out of Port of Tanjung Intan and traditional fishing boats are passing along the Gulf coast Turtle and tegarnya Pertamina refinery and add a wonderful atmosphere Nusakambangan Island beach.
A variety of seafood cuisine and souvenirs can be found easily along the coast and can easily be found and always close to the tourists visiting the Turtle Bay beach all day until midnight.
Located in the South with the distance Cilacap District 2 km to the east of Cilacap Regency downtown and can be reached by public and private.

Service information:
1. Department of Culture and Tourism District. Cilacap Tel. 0282-534481
2. Technical Implementation Unit Department of Culture and Tourism Cilacap Region Tel. 0282-534003

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