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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Permisan Beach
Permisanjuga beach located at the south island of reclaiming precisely Permisan LP. The beach is still very much a natural yet contaminated by humans. With amazing scenery and the crashing ocean waves south will bring home to enjoy a panoramic beauty wiasatawan small islands and rocks in front of the beach has its own value compared to other tourist beach in Cilacap.
In front of the beach there are rocks (Small island) which has special memories for a pejebat countries namely Indonesia's first Prime Minister. Before becoming Prime Minister a man named Syahrir ever visited Permisan Beach, the beach was Syahrir try crossing the sea when the waves were small, she managed to climb into the rock. But at the time of going back to the beach a huge wave came, so Syahrir lasted for hours waiting for low tide on the rocks. Given these events it Syahrir name immortalized as a cluster of rocks in the Coast Permisan which by some people called it the Stone Syahrir.
In addition to the above story, if the low tide, tourists can climb a rock that protruded. They will witness a variety of social symbols as evidence of the legend of King Pakuan Pajajaran that have plagued the beautiful princess who could be cured if the disease is treated with Pegasus tears, then the king sent a messenger to retrieve it but always fail in the end the princess's own leave and because he was tired of travel far to rest and bathe in the waves Beach Permisan dragged out to sea and caught between a rock and died, and from a distance only visible part of his body without clothes so there is a rock-like female genitalia.
Also called permisan when there are pirates want to reclaiming coastal lands that are not visible but the permissions on the beach seems Baurekso Nusakambangan island is so called permisan
Permisan Beach is also home penggodokan the soldiers to be able to maintain and defend the integrity of the dam and the state of the nation any disruption both large and small that would interfere with the sovereignty. Determination and robustness of these soldiers is symbolized by one attribute (commando knife) that is plugged into a rock or ditusukan so from the beach looking knife stuck command dibatu reefs.
To reach Permisan Beach, tourists can use either the ship or boat crossing from the Port or Port Lomanis Wijayakusuma to Sodong Nusakambangan followed by private vehicle or charter party headed permisan. During the trip, tourists can enjoy natural scenery in reclaiming the island and can be stopped first at Queen Goa tourism can also see the yellow flowers LP, Stone, iron and LP Permisan.
Pasir Putih BeachMatch the name of white sand for white sandy beaches, so people call it the White Sand Beach. White Sand Beach one of the existing attractions in the south island of reclaiming precisely located on the east coast Permisan. White Sand Beach is decorated with a variety of rocks or islands - small islands stretching eastward decorated a very fierce waves / malignant, so the rock hit the water conflicts add to the beauty of black rock.
To reach White Sands had to walk down the street who had built the trap - the trap of paving blocks along the 600 m from the coast eastwards Permisan up and down until the white sand beach with a distance of 1 km. Cluster of rocks at White Sand Beach stretching to the east covered with waves of white nan add natural panoramic beauty of white sand beaches.
Stone - the stone besides adding beauty as well as shore-breaking waves toward the beach of white sand so the waves can dijinakan malignant and relatively harmless.
With white sand beaches and the waves are quite friendly add to the tourists feel at ease and happy to stay - while enjoying the beauty of white sand. The excess of white sand beaches still have a tree - a tree that grows naturally so adding cool air is not disturbed by the beach and scorching sun because it can shelter up branches - the branches of trees while enjoying the southern ocean waves.

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