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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Masigitsela cave is a hole big enough and far into keperut earth, because the relevant natural processes that produce too long stalagmite and stalactite in the cave and looked very beautiful. Goa has a variety kaunikan besides Masigitsela goanya mouth faces the east, or opposite the direction of Qibla. Scattered stalagmite and stalactite cave mouths are adorned beautifully to form one complete with ornamental pillars. If observed passing this cave-like entrance to the mosque building and therefore some people call Goa Goa Masigitsela called Sunan Kalijaga Worship and Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono especially strengthened again a number of steps contained in the mouth of the cave as well as a drum, there are also inside the cave where the spring to fetch water ablution.
Meaning Masigitsela is a mosque made of interrupted or stone. Tourists who visit this cave has various objectives are aiming to calm down, there is increasing their faith, some are aimed ngalap blessing, there also comes tahlilan send prayers of the ancestors. One of stalagmite beauty of yellow gold and elongated shape similar to the mattress so that some people call the mattress of Solomon and there stalagmite that forms the basin like a jar called pedaringan penggawa and stone wall that separated pedaringan penggawa hermitage known as Aji Saka who believed if aji saka pole can hug your wish will come true.
To reach Goa Masigitsela can be reached from several directions, the people who came from West Java could use water vehicles (boats) can be stopped briefly in Klaces followed by small boat or on foot into the cave about 30 minutes and if the Cilacap through Sodong dock entrance to the Village Klaces waters or overland through the reclaiming of the road up towards Goa Masigitsela Sodong.

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