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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Problem of floods, droughts, and waste seems to have become a classic problem in almost all cities in Indonesia. All three parables, "vicious cycle" that continues to threaten human life in this century. But the attempt to anticipate the often deadlocked. In fact, all three problems can be solved in a series of activities, namely multiply hole Biopori infiltration. Biopori infiltration hole principle is the formation of holes in the cavity of the soil by soil organisms, like worms, termites, and ants. The hole was later filled with oxygen as the medium of water flowing into the ground. The way it is very effective and easily implemented in any area, not least in urban areas with most of the land surface has been paved or concrete. The way it was easier and cheaper than making infiltration wells that require a lot of costs and a wider space. Making holes Biopori recharge simply by punching holes in the ground vertically with a tool (worth approximately USD 20) as deep as approximately 1 m with a diameter of 10 cm. Hole filled with grass, organic household waste, seed worms, and the like to create living organisms that will produce pores in the soil. The more organic material entered the higher the resulting organic activity, so that any water that more and more pervasive. So far the application of leach pit Biopori not maximum. In fact, in terms of mechanism, making the hole diffusion Biopori very easy and inexpensive. Infiltration holes Biopori very suitable in relatively poor urban settlements catchment areas; the main causes of flood disasters. If the hole can be applied to recharge Biopori optimally and mass, then is the problem of flood, drought, and garbage (organic) can be solved with, "one hand clapping,"
Of concern, are now increasingly minimal recharge area because most of the land turned into housing and business. Inevitably, more and more difficult to avoid the risk of flooding. Not to mention the adverse effect of global warming, one of the consequences over the long dry season that causes the threat of prolonged drought. Three Benefits Once again, the hole diffusion Biopori, the problem of flooding, droughts, and waste be parsed in one step at a time. First, the holes can be used as infiltration Biopori solutions to address urban flooding in the main berpenyebab keminiman catchment areas. The more holes infiltration Biopori also more and more water seeps into the ground, so not pooled on the surface of the ends so the flood.
Second, the hole serves as a backup Biopori infiltration of water during the dry season. Because, in the ground water reserves are at a critical stage. Even some local governments, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Semarang, the community appealed to conserve water usage. If not, in the long term perhaps more difficult to find sources of clean water. The presence of infiltration Biopori hole will be somewhat comforting because ground water reserves has been filled during the rainy season.
Third, the holes can minimize the infiltration Biopori proper quota of organic waste dumped into landfills. The organic waste is ranked highest (75% more) of the total waste. In fact, if in some settlements Biopori many holes infiltration, household organic waste can be dumped into the place. It was certainly very profitable. Besides saving, holes can also prevent the infiltration biopori landfill was quickly filled.
Preservation of the environment is not just a government responsibility, but all elements of society. Therefore, it is important to increase public awareness about the natural balance of togetherness. Real universe is not for us, but a deposit for the children and grandchildren. Therefore, do not inherit the natural damage caused by selfishness we are reluctant to care for God's grace. So, now, multiply B
iopori infiltration holes in our environment.
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